Hi, I'm Nicole!

I'm a software engineer in love with code and connection. I think we build better things when we have better conversations.

You might not know me but I bet you know my work. I've had the pleasure of working at Khan Academy, Everlane, and ModCloth amonst others. I've built servers, web frontends, web apps, mobile apps, parsers and a couple of wild hacks.

I'm proud to have dedicated a big portion of my career to "doing good" whether through ethical clothing production at Everlane or through providing a free world class education at Khan Academy.

❤️ From Boulder Colorado

Daily Code

I try to start my day with a quick coding problem. It's a great way to try new ideas and get my fingers moving

  1. July 7th 2023


    Leaf-Similar Trees

  2. July 6th 2023


    Search in a Binary Search Tree

  3. July 5th 2023


    Guess Number Higher or Lower

  4. June 29th 2023


    Is Subsequence