Learning with Execute Program

— 2 minute read

Recently I've been using execute program as a learning resource. I'm just finishing the Typescript basics course and I'm working on the SQL one and the Modern JS one. I really like the format and learning style.

Execute program gives little bites of text followed by a little quiz where I'm invited to fill out the program's result (so like if I'm prompted with 1+1 I would answer 2) or finish writing a code snippet. The style reminds me of The Little Schemer in the best way. It feels like I'm having a dialogue with the program. In many cases, I feel like the authors of execute program anticipated my "But what about..."'s because the very next snippet will address an edge case I was wondering about. That keeps me in the zone of proximal development during my whole session which makes me feel like I'm getting superpowers.

I love that execute program has spaced repetition built in from the jump. My learning session begins with a review of things that I've covered recently. Those things might be from the previous day or they might be from a couple of days ago. (My former colleague Andy Matuschak has worked on similar ideas in Quantum Country). I also love that most days end with execute program telling me to take a break and come back tomorrow so that I don't overwhelm myself with too much.

My only complaint? I wish there were more things to keep learning.